Sharenet Acquisition of Express Teller Services Allows for Expansion of ATM Services to West Coast Financial Institutions

SYRACUSE, NY -- Sharenet, a full-service provider of ATM services for financial institutions, has purchased Phoenix, AZ-based Express Teller Services. The acquisition will allow the Syracuse, NY-based company to expand its business and provide services to credit unions and community banks on the West Coast.

"We wanted to find talented, experienced individuals within the marketplace that would allow us to expand our reach to the West Coast and, more importantly, give credit unions and community banks easier access to our services," says Ray Davis, Sharenet CEO.

Sharenet provides banks and credit unions with turn-key ATM management services for their off-premise and branch needs. Sharenet's products and services - including a full-service outsourcing program, a surcharge-free ATM network and a branding program - alleviate the operational and regulatory headaches involved with managing ATMs.

"Our goal was to align with a financial institution-focused company that understands the evolving U.S. ATM industry, the complex regulatory requirements involved in operating ATMs, and the challenges and potential for growth," says Josh Ettesvold, president and founder of Express Teller Services.

As the industry changes, we felt Sharenet was complementary to Express Teller Services and would allow us to better serve our customers," says Ettesvold, who will join Sharenet's leadership team. "In addition, our customers will receive better pricing on transactions, equipment, supplies and services because Sharenet's extensive network of customers gives the company collective buying power which they pass on in the form of lower prices."

About Us

Sharenet pioneered the Sharenet ATM Network to fill the growing need for credit unions and their members. Sharenet was formed by Gregory Card, the President of Syracuse Police Federal Credit Union, in 1994. He formed the Sharenet Group from 10 local credit unions to share in the expenses and profits of a collaborative organization. This effort would allow this group to increase their ATM network without the added cost.

Sharenet has grown since 1994 and is currently leading the way for easy implementation of low cost ATM hosting throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. From acquiring the ATM equipment to the managing and hosting of your ATM, Sharenet is your "One Stop" ATM deployment provider.

Sharenet has teamed up with Fiserv, a national business leader in electronic switching, to drive its ATMs. We have also partnered with the world leader in ATMs, Diebold.

Today, we offer many product lines and services to fit the growing needs of our customers. Sharenet's ATM Participation product forms an alliance with multiple financial groups. This alliance, together with Sharenet's services, allows us to provide a turnkey ATM solution that brings low cost ATM services. Sharenet ATM Participation brings easy accessibility to prime locations for our customers and gives them access to surcharge-free ATMs.

Sharenet provides convenient, easy, and cost effective ATM solutions for your organization and creates a surcharge-free ATM network for your members. This allows our customers to focus on their business while we take care of the ATM equipment and the network.

Join Sharenet's ATM Participation and instantly have access to a large surcharge-free ATM network for your members today.

Sharenet makes ATM hosting simple.